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Arts and Entertainment

Marketplace - John Tarnoff - What does it take to start a network, anyway? (10.20.16)

Los Angeles Times - John Tarnoff - In Hollywood, it takes a lot more than divorce to kill a celebrity's career (10.3.16)

Los Angeles Times - John Tarnoff - Not every marriage should happen...and other messages from the Brangelina divorce (9.28.16)

The Hollywood Reporter - John Tarnoff - What's Really Behind the FCC's Backwards Plan to "Fix" Our TVs (Guest Column) (9.26.16)

Crime & Drug Policy

The Crime Report - Jonathan Caulkins - Trump Vows 'Ruthless' Antidrug Fight; Experts Dubious (2.10.17)

The Washington Post - Jonathan Caulkins - In Trump's 'ruthless' vow, experts see a return to the days of the drug war (2.10.17)

The Washington Times - Daniel Nagin - Trump's call for 'feds' in Chicago confounds city leaders, police experts (1.26.17)

VICE - Daniel Nagin - Trump's Promised Crackdown on Gun Crimes Is Coming into Focus (1.26.17)

The Crime Report - Daniel Nagin - Sessions on Gun Cases: Bring More to Federal Courts (1.26.17)

Ganjapreneur - Jonathan Caulkins - Colorado Wholesale Cannabis Price-Per-Pound Has Dropped 25 percent (1.20.17)

Inc. - Jonathan Caulkins - As Price Plummets to Historic Low, Marijuana Entrepreneurs Need to 'Pivot, or Die' (1.19.17)

KPCC-FM Southern California - Jonathan Caulkins - HighQ: What Jeff Sessions means for California's legal marijuana industry (1.13.17)

KCRW-FM Los Angeles - Jonathan Caulkins - The future of hemp in California (1.9.17)

The Huffington Post - Jonathan Caulkins - Fentanyl Overdoses Are Rising And Science Can't Keep Up (1.9.17)

ProPublica - Alexandra Chouldechova - Bias in Criminal Risk Scores Is Mathematically Inevitable, Researchers Say (12.30.16)

Corvallis Gazette-Times - Daniel Nagin - Letter: here are sources for gun debate (12.23.16)

Healthline - Jonathan Caulkins - Illegal Drugs Are Now Used as Medicine (12.19.16)

Tech Times - Jonathan Caulkins - Drug Abuse, Alcohol And Cigarette Use Down In US Teens: NIH Survey (12.14.16)

The Christian Science Monitor - Jonathan Caulkins - US teens consuming less alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Good news, but why? (12.13.16)

USA Today - Jonathan Caulkins - There's hope: Fewer teens are doing drugs than ever before (12.13.16)

Associated Press - Jonathan Caulkins - Researchers fret as info lags on pot effects on older adults (12.6.16)

Honolulu Civil Beat - Daniel Nagin - Hawaii's Probation Program Is Often Copied, But Does It Work? (12.1.16)

The Christian Science Monitor - Jonathan Caulkins - As Trump's AG, how might Sessions crack down on recreational marijuana? (11.22.16)

The Washington Post - Jonathan Caulkins - Why legal pot is suddenly in big danger (11.21.16)

Bloomberg - Jonathan Caulkins - Legal-Weed Crowd’s Election-Night Euphoria Turns Wary on Trump (11.13.16)

Phoenix New Times - Jonathan Caulkins - Why Did Arizona Just Say No to Marijuana Legalization in 2016? (11.10.16)

Fox25Boston - Jonathan Caulkins - New study: Marijuana users more like cigarette smokers – not alcohol drinkers (11.7.16)

Cortez Journal - Jonathan Caulkins - Study shows how alcohol can help turn people into criminals (11.2.16)

Washington Post - Jonathan Caulkins - One striking chart shows how alcohol can turn people into criminals (11.2.16)

Green Rush Daily - Jonathan Caulkins - Marijuana Prices Tumble Nationawide To All-Time Low (11.1.16)

SF Weekly - Jonathan Caulkins - The War Over Weed (10.26.16)

The Washington Post - Jonathan Caulkins - Here's what America would be like with legal pot (10.17.16)

Global News - Jonathan Caulkins - Pot legalization may roll back progress on tobacco, expert fears (10.16.16)

WESA-FM - Jonathan Caulkins - Lack Of Research Leads Medical Marijuana Patients To Do Their Own Experiments (10.5.16)

The Washington Post - Daniel Nagin - Guest Post: How to reinvent American policing (10.3.16)

WMFE-FM - Jonathan Caulkins - Election 2016: Fact And Fiction Swirls Medical Marijuana Debate (9.26.16)

The Philadelphia Inquirer - Alfred Blumstein - Why is Philly's homicide rate going up? (9.16.16)

Cybersecurity & Privacy

GovInfoSecurity - Randy Trzeciak - Post-Manning: Malicious Insider Defenses Evolve (2.6.17)

Note To Self - Alessandro Acquisti - Introducing: The Privacy Paradox (1.30.17)

GovInfoSecurity - Randy Trzeciak - Is Trump Militarizing Civilian Cyber Defense (1.24.17)

iTech Post - Alessandro Acquisti - Technological Privacy Transcends From Personal To Economic Concerns (12.22.16)

The Irish Times - Alessandro Acquisti - Why technological privacy is an economic matter (12.22.16)

Inc. - Vibhanshu Abhishek - Your Data Has More Value Than You Think. Is It Protected? (12.15.16) 

Yahoo - Lisa Young - Axio Appoints Pamela Curtis and Lisa Young to Management Team (12.13.16)

San Antonio Express-News - Alessandro Acquisti - A 10-digit key code to your private life: your cellphone number (12.2.16)

Inquisitr - Alessandro Acquisti - Think twice before giving out your cell phone digits, the window to an individual's life (11.13.16)

New York Times - Alessandro Acquisti - A 10-Digit Key Code to Your Private Life: Your Cellphone Number (11.12.16)

Investopedia - Alessandro Acquisti - Could Facebook, Google Sruvive a Face Recognition Lawsuit? (10.31.16)

New York Post - Rahul Telang - FCC bans internet providers from tracking web surfing (10.27.16)

Yahoo! Finance - Rahul Telang - The Russian threat to US elections may look different than you're thinking (10.12.16)

CNBC - Rahul Telang - Assessing the threat of Russia hacking the US election (10.11.16)

The New Yorker - Alessandro Acquisti - How an Old Hacking Law Hampers the Fight Against Online Discrimination (10.1.16)

Los Angeles Times - Rahul Telang - It's strange Yahoo took 2 years to discover a data breach, security experts say (9.23.16)

USA Today - Rahul Telang - Yahoo could pay for breach negligence in lower-priced Verizon deal (9.23.16)

Digital Media

POLITICO - Rahul Telang - POLITICO Playbook (12.31.16)

Knowledge@Wharton - Rahul Telang - How Technology Shocked the Entertainment Industry (12.29.16)

Los Angeles Times - Rahul Telang - Kodi lets cord-cutters watch whatever they want, whenever they want it, for free. So how is it legal? (12.22.16)

The San Diego Union-Tribune - Rahul Telang - Kodi is cord-cutters worst kept secret for TV, movies (12.18.16)

All Access Music Group - Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang - Copyright And Technology NYC 2017 Tackles Entertainment, Legal Issues (11.14.16)

Small Business Trends - Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang- Streaming, Sharing, Stealing: Why a Data-Driven David Can Beat a Creative Industry Goliath (11.12.16)

The Register - Michael D. Smith - More movie and TV binge-streaming sites join UK banned list (11.1.16)

New York Post - Rahul Telang - FCC bans internet providers from tracking web surfing (10.27.16)

Forbes - Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang - Is Netflix's Stock Surge Temporary Or A Sign of Bigger Things To Come? (10.19.16)

The Wall Street Journa​l - Michael D. Smith - U.S. Viewers Seek Out Foreign Shows in Real Time (9.23.16)

Bloomberg Businessweek - Rahul Telang - Spotify is Perfecting the Art of the Playlist (9.21.16)

C-SPAN - Rahul Telang - The Communicators with Rahul Telang (video) (9.20.16)

Digital Cinema Report - Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang - Hollywood's Data Challenge (9.13.16)

Financial Times - Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang - Review: "Streaming, Sharing, Stealing", by Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang (9.11.16)

The Wall Street Journal - Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang - We're All Cord Cutters Now (9.6.16)

Education Policy

Times Higher Education - Lowell Taylor - Affirmative action works in HE admissions - just look at India (12.13.16)

Health Care

Hartford Courant - Martin Gaynor - What's Next For Insurers? Turmoil Remains After Judges Reject Megadeals (2.13.17)

Healthcare Dive - Martin Gaynor - Humana Q4 woes echo throughout payer industry (2.9.17)

POLITICO - Martin Gaynor - With Anthem-Cigna deal blocked, industry takes stock (2.9.17)

Bloomberg - Martin Gaynor - After Two Megadeals Blocked, Health Insurers Plot Next Moves (2.8.17)

Pittsburgh Business Times - James F. Jordan - New venture for former PLSG CEO (2.2.17)

Healthcare Dive - Martin Gaynor - Why the looming Cigna-Anthem merger ruling is different from Aetna-Humana (2.1.17)

Smart Business - James F. Jordan - Who to Watch: Pittsburgh (2.1.17)

Modern Healthcare - Martin Gaynor - Aetna's antitrust defeat may signal the end of health insurance mega-mergers (1.28.17)

POLITICO - Martin Gaynor - What Tim Price will be asked today (1.24.17)

Los Angeles Times - Martin Gaynor - Judge blocks Aetna-Humana health insuance merger on antitrust grounds (1.23.17)

Advisory Board - Martin Gaynor - 6 experts weigh in on how Obama changed health care (1.19.17)

Modern Healthcare - Martin Gaynor - Post-ACA landscape raises stakes for insurer megamergers (1.5.17)

CBS Philly - Martin Gaynor - 20 States Allege In Lawsuit Generic Drug Makers Conspiring To Inflate Prices (12.16.16)

Health IT Analytics - Rema Padman - EHR Data, Machine Learning Create Cost-Based Clinical Pathways (12.14.16)

HealthInvestor UK - Martin Gaynor - The customer is always right (12.12.16)

Harvard Medical School - Amelia Haviland - Price Point (12.5.16)

CBS-New York City - Martin Gaynor - Hidden Hospital Costs Leave Some Patients With Sticker Shock (12.2.16)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Martin Gaynor - Low occupancy rates raise questions about BJC hospital expansion in Creve Coeur (12.2.16)

HealthPayer Intelligence - Amelia Haviland - Rise in High-Deductible Health Plans Requires Cost Transparency (11.21.16)

The New York Times - Martin Gaynor - The Future of Health Care Mergers Under Trump (11.20.16)

NBC Pittsburgh - Martin Gaynor - How Trump could reduce or eliminate Obamacare (11.9.16)

HS (Finnish) - Martin Gaynor - Britanniassa valinnanvapauden lisääminen paransi hoidon laatua – Suomen pitäisi ottaa oppia, sanovat asiantuntijat (11.2.16)

POLITICO - Martin Gaynor - Health care likely to get turn in debate spotlight (10.19.16)

Microeconomic Insights - Martin Gaynor - Hospital competition and patient choice can improve healthcare quality (10.14.16)

The Hill - Vibhanshu Abhishek - Are fitness trackers effective? (10.14.16)

ValueWalk - Vibhanshu Abhishek - Aetna To Subsidize Apple Watch For Some Members (9.28.16)

Fortune - Vibhanshu Abhishek - Insurer Will Subsidize Apple Watch Purchases to Promote Health (9.27.16)

TheStreet - Amelia Haviland - Scoring in Medicare Open Enrollment (9.26.16)

CBS Pittsburgh - Martin Gaynor - Study: Prices Of More Than 400 Drugs Have Skyrocketed In Past Few Years (9.20.16)

International & Labor Economics

PRI - Lee Branstetter - Trump wants to renegotiate NAFTA. So what does that really mean? (2.13.17)

The Tartan - Lee Branstetter and Brian Kovak - Carnegie Mellon responds to Trump's immigrant ban (2.12.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - How Trump killed Obama's vaunted trade deal - and why it could affect the US for decades (2.8.17)

WVTF-FM Roanoke - Lee Branstetter - The US tried extra-high tariffs before, in 1930. It was a disaster. (2.1.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - Wall Street is going to regret how lazy it's been on Trumpenomics (1.31.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - The clearest articulation of what Trump wants to do to America's economy comes from one person (1.31.17) 

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - Truth is, someone's going to lose big in Trump's economy - but no one thinks it's them (1.29.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - 'Trump's plans to finance his wall are going to hit the auto industry like a ton of bricks.' (1.26.17)

IDG Connect - Mark Kamlet - The thorny issue of automation across Latin America (1.18.17)

Salon - Lee Branstetter - Made in China: Will Donald Trump's "strong border" tax on American companies manufacturing overseas reach General Motors? (12.6.16)

Chicago Tribune - Lee Branstetter - America's jawboner-in-chief uses Carrier, Ford to send a message (12.1.16)

Boston Globe - Lee Branstetter - Carrier deal done, Trump to dial up more companies on jobs (12.1.16)

Voice of America - Lee Branstetter - Trump's Deal to Keep 1,000 Jobs in US May Signal Interventionist Approach (12.1.16)

Crain's Chicago Business - Lee Branstetter - Trump uses Carrier in Indiana to send a message (12.1.16)

TheStreet - Lee Branstetter - Trumponomics May Prove to Be 'Severe Disappointment' to Japanese Economy (11.22.16)

WMOT-FM - Lee Branstetter - Trump gave a '100 percent' guarantee that their jobs wouldn't go to Mexico. Now, Indiana workers expect him to deliver.

Estadao - Brian Kovak - Renan busca aval do Planalto para avançar com ações contra Judiciário (11.12.16)

The Atlantic - Brian Kovak - How the "Losers" in America's Trade Polices Got Left Behind (10.19.16)

Press Release - Mark Kamlet - Everspring Welcomes Dr. Mark Kamlet To Board Of Directors (9.28.16)

Smart Cities

Inverse - Vibhanshu Abhishek - Here's the Reason Car-Sharing Won't Kill the Auto Industry - (2.3.17)

Smart Business - Alexandre Jacquillat - Who to Watch: Pittsburgh (2.1.17)

PA Environment Digest - Rick Stafford - Building A Resilient, Smart & Sustainable Pittsburgh: The Energy-Water Nexus Feb. 16 (1.26.17)

TechRepublic - Jackie Speedy - How universities are helping fill the smart cities talent gap (1.18.17)

The Atlantic - Beibei Li - The Small Signs of Bike-Share Success (12.29.16)

TechRepublic - Mark Kamlet - 6 ways cities will become smarter in 2017 (12.22.16)

Pittsburgh Business Times - Mobility 21 - CMU awarded $14 million from DOT (12.6.16)

WESA 90.5 FM Pittsburgh - Mobility 21 - Smart Cars And Traffic Control And Assistive Technology, Oh My! DOT Taps CMU For 21st Century Tech (12.6.16)

PR Newswire - Mobility21 - Carnegie Mellon Awarded $14 Milliom from U.S. DOT for Mobility Research Center (12.5.16)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Mobility21 - CMU gets $14 million grant for mobility research center (12.5.16)

Pittsburgh City Paper - Stan Caldwell - How can Port Authority tackle a common public-transit problem? (11.2.16)

The Seattle Times - Vibhanshu Abhishek - The pothole-riddled road to self-driving cars (10.14.16)

Student and Alumni News

All About Beer - Leah Lizarondo - Brewers turn stale bread into beer (Print Only) (2.1.17)

Smart Business - Ketaki Desai and Leah Lizarondo - Who to Watch: Pittsburgh (2.1.17)

PR Newswire - Justin F. Klamerus, M.D., MMM - Justin F. Klamerus, M.D., MMM, appointed President of Karmanos Cancer Hospital (1.17.17)

Press Release - Jim Dye - Computerworld Recognizes Technology Leaders Advancing their Business Through Digital Transformation with 2017 Premier 100 Technology Leader Awards (11.14.16)

Press Release - Mark Chambers - Mayor de Blasio Appoints Mark Chambers To City's Integrated Climate Team As Director Of Sustainability (11.10.16)

Press Release - Apoorva Reddy Neelapu - Wildcat Venture Partners Announces Winners of First Annual Scholarships in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (10.12.16)

Pittsburgh Business Times - Carla Luyo - CMU students earn international award for data, analytics work (9.26.16)

Technology Management

WESA 90.5 FM Pittsburgh - Alessandro Acquisti - CMU Partnership Could Bring Artificial Intelligence To Accounting (2.14.17)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Ramayya Krishnan - Big Four auditor investing $11 million in CMU (1.4.17)

MeriTalk - Rakesh Thapar -  Carnegie Mellon Teaches Cloud Computing for Business (11.7.16)

EdTech - Andy Wasser - Carnegie Mellon Prepares Future-Ready IT Professionals with New Course on Cloud (10.31.16)

Ahmedabad Mirror - Alessandro Acquisti - Self-Disciplining Hacks (9.26.16)