2009-10 Presentations

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Convocation 9-2-09

Convocation, Sept. 2, 2009: "Building a Culture of Inclusion" - Candi Castleberry-Singleton, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, UPMC

VISTAS 9-3-09

VISTAS Lecture, Sept. 3, 2009: "A Career of Turnarounds" - Mike Carper, Chief Information Officer, Dick's Sporting Goods

Convocation 9-16-09

Convocation, Sept. 16, 2009: "The Ten Paradoxes of Social Enterprise" - Kevin Lynch, President of Rebuild Resources, Inc.

VISTAS 10-1-09

VISTAS Lecture, Oct. 1, 2009: "Second Generation Outsourcing" - GB Prabhat, Founder and CEO of Anantara Solutions

VISTAS 10-21-09

VISTAS Lecture, Oct. 21, 2009: "The Netflix Prize: Quest for $1,000,000" - Yehuda Koren, Senior Research Scientist, Yahoo! Research

VISTAS 2-15-10

VISTAS Lecture, Feb. 15, 2010: "IT Management and Strategic Frameworks" - Nik Lele, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young