Lectures & Presentations

Learning happens in many settings, not just in the classroom. Heinz College periodically invites engaging, dynamic speakers to address current issues of interest to our students. We also offer continuing education workshops for students in mid-career programs, presentations that showcase the work of Systems Synthesis projects, and professional development workshops through the Career Services Office.


Convocation is a regular forum in which Heinz College students have an opportunity to discuss and learn about a variety of issues. Some sessions feature guest speakers, including those who lead organizations, analyze and develop policy as well as those who innovate in non-traditional ways. Other sessions may introduce students to faculty and their research or provide a chance to raise issues with senior administrators.


VISTAS (Voices from Information Security and Technology Advancement Series) is monthly series that brings practitioners from industry to talk to students about the latest issues and challenges in information security and information technology management.

Alternate Convocations

Heinz College offers a number of Alternative Convocation events throughout the year. Students with a Convocation attendance requirement as part of their course requirements must attend two Alternative Convocations to receive one full Convocation credit. Please complete the online Alternative Convocation Reporting Form to submit information about an Alternative Convocation that you've attended.

Masters of Arts Management (MAM) Speaker Series

On a monthly basis, the MAM program invites esteemed guest speakers from across the globe to present relevant topics that focus on innovative best practices in the arts administration industry.

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