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Welcome and Congratulations on your admission to Carnegie Mellon University's H. John Heinz III College!

In addition to the Heinz-specific information on this portal, please also review Campus-wide online resource for new graduate students.

Orientation Schedule:

Exchange students beginning in January: January 2015, date TDB



First steps to complete

Deadline to complete


Accept the offer of admission by completing the online Response Form located within your online admission letter. details “Response deadline” as listed in your online admission letter
2. Pay the enrollment deposit. *Not all students are required to pay a deposit. Please check your online admission letter. details “Response deadline” as listed in your online admission letter

Complete the Credentials Verification Process after you receive the email titled "Credentials Verification Request".details

  • May starts - will receive the email by April 15
  • August starts - will receive the email by July 1
After receiving the email, you have 14 days to log in and begin the process
4. Is there a condition within your admission letter? ie., QSSP, ACC, database class, etc?  Review the information regarding Conditional Enrollment to be clear on the next steps you should take.   details All conditions must be successfully completed prior to enrolling in classes


  Next items to Review

Section name below
 5. Important Dates: Orientation & Start of Class Important Dates
 6. Financing your education Financing your education
 7. When will you receive your Andrew ID? Andrew ID Timeline
 8. Admitted Student Checklist: Deadlines Apply! Admitted Student Checklist
 9. Disability resources for students Disability Resources
 10. Housing in Pittsburgh Housing in Pittsburgh
 11. Registering for Classes & Buying Books Registering for Classes


 Important Dates: 

 Choose your Start Date:

All Programs participate in the Heinz College Orientation

Exchange students: click here for Orientation Information

May start: MISM one year track only


      May start

   August start

Heinz College Orientation Week (Mandatory)

Attending Heinz College orientation is mandatory. Please consider that your graduate experience begins the week of orientation - not the first week of classes. There will be important information discussed regarding career services, computing, academic advising, course scheduling, and financial aid. In addition, placement exams are available to students this week only.

Attendance will be recorded at Heinz Orientation events via your CMU ID+ Card. Please follow the admitted student checklist below to ensure you receive your CMU ID+ Card in time.

 Tue 5/13/2014    

- Fri 5/16/2014  

4 day orientation


Mon 8/18/2014

- Fri  8/22/2014

5 day orientation

Orientation Schedule

Map of Events



University-wide Graduate Student Orientation

Attending University-wide graduate student orientation is a great way to learn about Carnegie Mellon University from a campus-wide perspective. Take this opportunity to meet students and administrators outside of Heinz College. All graduate students across the CMU campus are invited to learn more about campus services, health insurance, transportation, shopping and more. These topics are not included in Heinz Orientation.

This orientation is planned and presented by the Carnegie Mellon University Office of the Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education. Please RSVP after July 1

You are invited to attend August Orientation 

Mon 8/11/2014

Tues 8/12/2014

Wed 8/13/2014


International Student Orientation  (Mandatory for International students)

International Students and International Exchange Students are required to attend one of the International Student Orientation sessions presented by the Office of International Education. The I-20 packet sent to you will include information regarding International Student Orientation. Attendance to one session is mandatory for all International students. Click here for details and additional Fall start session dates

 Fri, 5/16/2014


See your I-20

Additional dates for those arriving early to Pittsburgh will be posted

 see the OIE Link to the left for details

First day of class

**All students are expected on campus prior to the start of class to attend the mandatory Heinz Orientation Week.**

Classes may be semester long or half-semester "minis"

Mini classes that take place in the first half of the semester: 1, 3, or 5.   Mini classes that take place in the second half of the semester: 2, 4 or 6

Heinz Academic Calendar

CMU Academic Calendar

May 19, 2014

Semester long and Mini 5 classes begin

Mini 6 classes begin on June 30

Aug 25, 2014

Semester long and Mini 1 classes begin

Mini 2 classes begin on Oct 20

 ***Students required to attend QSSP or ACC should review the information regarding Conditional Enrollment to determine the date you are required to start these programs.

 N/A see conditional enrollment

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Financing your education



U.S. citizens and  permanent U.S. residents

US Federal Financial Aid

US Citizens and permanent residents that wish to apply for federal financial aid and/or federal work study awards should apply as soon as possible. You may apply BEFORE accepting your offer of admission. Deadlines for Optimal Consideration Apply.

Download the Heinz College Financial Aid Checklist PDF to help guide you

Apply for US Federal Financial Aid

External Scholarship Opportunities

Please visit the Heinz Financial Aid Office's External Scholarship page for more information



Resource page for International students

International students are not eligible to apply for or receive US federal financial aid.

What options are available to you?  We have created a page dedicated to outlining the financial resources for International Students

Accelerated Master's Students


Accelerated Master's students should review the following information regarding financial aid for AMP students.

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Andrew ID Time-line

You will receive two computer accounts essential to your educational experience and academic success. You will receive an "Andrew account" and a "Heinz account".  Your account user names will be emailed to you within the below time frame. 

 Start date

Timeframe to expect your Andrew ID Email
 May start  April12 - April 19
 Students attending QSSP or ACC  May 25 - June 15
 August start  June 15 - July 15

Once you receive the email containing your Andrew ID and Heinz ID, please Activate your account by following the steps listed within the email.

Dates given are estimates only. If you feel there is an error in the delay of receiving your email, and it is past the given time frame above, please send an email with the subject line "Andrew Computer Account Delay" to

Please allow 7 - 10 days for our staff to resolve the issue and send out our response.

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 Admitted Student Check-List


Update your contact email address:

Login to your online ApplyYourself Account: Click on "Update Profile" to view the email address on file. If you would like to change this email address because this is a school or work account you will no longer have access to, please type your new email address and then click "Update."  The system will confirm the email address change, and will send an email confirmation to the new email address.  

If this email address is correct, click "Close Window."  You do not need to take any action.


Review the laptop computer requirement: The Heinz College is leading the way in the implementation of "Virtual Computer Labs".   This means, in part,  that we do not have student computer labs in the building. Due to this, we require all incoming Heinz students to have a laptop computer at the start of class. (please note: the estimated cost of a laptop computer, $1500.00 is included in the cost of attendance for each program and is included when calculating U.S. Federal Financial Aid awards)  

This is very important!  Please review carefully prior to buying your school laptop. Please contact us if you are unsure about requirements, as your laptop choice may greatly impact your school experience. Review the laptop requirements and learn more about the Virtual Computer Lab

3. Review immunization requirements:  Yes, you may receive immunizations prior to having access to the HealthConnect portal. We do not require your health professional to sign CMU forms. You will enter the date(s) you received your immunizations once you have your Andrew ID and access to the HealthConnect portal. *Some immunizations may be administered on Campus. Review the immunizations you will need prior to the start of class.

VISA Processing: International Students and International Exchange Students required to attain a J-1 or F-1 student visa need to submit additional documentation to the Office of Admission.   I-20 document are sent to students 6-8 weeks after we receive all necessary documents from the student. Delivery times to the student will vary.  Visa processing times vary in each country.

International Student Information form (I-20 forms): 
International Degree-seeking Students
International EXCHANGE students

Your Andrew ID is REQUIRED for these steps: 

Deadline to Complete

Students attending QSSP or ACC summer programs prior to beginning class in August should follow the deadlines given in the last column

May start August start QSSPs and ACCs

Complete the Health History Form and Report the date you received Immunization(s): Health services requires students to complete an online Health History Form and report the date of receiving immunizations. You may receive required immunizations prior to having access to the HealthConnect Portal. Log in to the HealthConnect Portal from the Health Services main page.  

Review the immunization requirements

Caution! Health Services will block you from registering for future classes if you fail to complete this information by the deadline. 

May 15   June 30  June  30

Record the pronunciation of your name:  Some names are easier to pronounce than others. However, it is important to have record of the correct pronunciation of all students' names. The secure directory of voice recordings is available to all Heinz faculty, staff and students only.

RECORD your voice:
Do not have a microphone to complete this step?   Unable to record my voice
April 20  July 12 June19

Submit your photo online: Submit your photo for your Student ID+ Card and the Heinz Master's Student Directory. The secure directory is available to Heinz faculty, staff and students only. (You are required to have your Student ID+ Card for Heinz Orientation)  photo upload details

April 20 July 12 June 19

Choose your Required University Health Insurance plan OR Complete the Waiver Form:  Health Insurance is a University requirement. You must take one of the following actions:

a. Enroll in the basic plan -or- enhanced plan
b. Request a Waiver (if you have health insurance)

Students that do not take action will automatically be billed for the basic plan. This charge on your account does not mean you have been enrolled. You still must enroll in your plan of choice to receive a Health Insurance Card.

**Students attending QSSP may elect to enroll in summer health coverage, however, they are not required to do so. The deadline to enroll in this optional coverage is June 15.

**Students attending ACC will be contacted with details regarding your Health Insurance requirement during the summer program.

More Information

April 25 


July 15

July 15

**June 15


July 15



Start checking your Andrew Email!  You may login to the online web app to have your email forwarded to your primary account if you so choose. All Orientation information will be sent to your "application for admission email address". However, other departments will begin to send email to your andrew email account prior to your arrival on campus. Heinz Computing Services posts the web app URL May 1 August  1

June   30


Pay your Account Balance: Tuition bills are sent via email to your University Andrew email account. You may also view your bill online.   Learn more

May Start: Your bill will be available to view on May 1st

August Start: Your bill will be available to view on July 1st

**Students attending QSSP that elect to purchase the optional summer health insurance coverage are required to pay the associated fees through their student account prior to paying their full August invoice.

May 15

August 15 **July 15 August 15

Review the Heinz Computing Jumpstart Guides:  Please review the Heinz computing documentation and required videos. Many software downloads are also available through the jumpstart guide.   

Write down any questions and bring them with you to the Heinz Computing Orientation session. New Student Guide

May 13 August 18 July 7

Submit your Final Official Transcript *ONLY IF REQUIRED: All students must provide proof of graduating with a bachelor's degree prior to starting class. If you applied to Heinz prior to graduating with your bachelor's degree, this step likely applies to you. Review your online admission letter to see if you are required to complete this step.

If you earned your bachelor's degree from a University outside of the United States, you do not need to have this final transcript verified by an evaluation service. We will accept an Official Transcript directly from the school or from the student.

What is an Official Final Transcript?

This is a sealed and stamped envelope containing a document from your University that includes: 1. The name of the degree earned,  2.The date of graduation and 3. Your final semester grades. (This is not your diploma)

Caution!  You are not able to attend classes until your final official transcript is on file.


May 19*


August 22* August 22*

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Disability Resources for Students at Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon University Disability Resources

Individuals with disabilities are assured services and protected from discrimination.

It is entirely optional to disclose any disability to Carnegie Mellon University. If you wish to request an accommodation due to a documented disability, please contact Carnegie Mellon's Disability Services at 412.268.2013 or

Carnegie Mellon University Disability Services Office

Heinz College Orientation events

If you feel your physical disability will inhibit your ability to participate in any Heinz College Orientation activities, please contact the Heinz Admissions Office at 412.268.2164 or  

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Housing in Pittsburgh

All Carnegie Mellon graduate students live off-campus. Carnegie Mellon University does not offer on-campus graduate student housing, but the city of Pittsburgh offers affordable housing very close to the University. Each year we survey current Heinz students to bring you the most up-to-date information on where to live, and how much you should expect to pay. Review our Moving to Pittsburgh page for details.

When should you move to Pittsburgh?  We recommend that students are moved-in and settled in Pittsburgh prior to the beginning of the mandatory Heinz orientation week (5/13/14 or 8/18/14). The Heinz orientation schedule does not allow much time for "moving-in" activities as we expect all students will be settled prior to the week.


The City of Pittsburgh

Do you mind if we brag a little?  Those of us living in Pittsburgh know that there is just something special about our "small-town feel" city!  It looks like the word is finally getting out!  Pittsburgh has recently been thrust into the national spotlight for not only being a hip place to live, but in fact - being the most livable city in the U.S. We couldn't agree more!

Portlandia, your 15 minutes are up. Long live Pittsburgh.  
By Maura Judkis I  Jan 3, 2012

It's official: Pittsburgh is the most livable city in the U.S  
By Katharine Crnko I Feb 22, 2011   

Pittsburgh: America's Most Liveable City  
By Francesca Levy | April 29, 2010 

Pittsburgh ranked tops in U.S. by the Economist    
By Mackenzie Carpenter  I  June 10, 2009 

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Registering for Classes & Buying Books



Registering for classes for your 1st semester at Heinz

You will not use the online registration system for your 1st Semester at Heinz. We have outlined the 1st semester registration process below:

1. You will be pre-registered by the Heinz College registrar for all of your 1st semester courses at Heinz. This registration process is coordinated with Faculty and may include a review of your application to determine your appropriate section or course level.

2. Because you are pre-registered, you will not use an online system to register for your first semester. Please do not attempt to add or change any courses (or sections/times of courses) on your schedule via the online system.

3. Registration is an ongoing process. You may or may not see courses listed in your online schedule prior to Heinz Orientation Week. Your schedule is considered finalized by the registrar on the first day of Heinz Orientation. Any course registration you may see prior to this time is subject to change.

4. Placement/Exemption Exams take place during Heinz Orientation. You will be scheduled to meet with your academic advisor following the exemption exams. This meeting is your opportunity to discuss and make changes to your schedule if needed. Do not make any changes to your schedule prior to meeting with your advisor. Details regarding the Placement/Exemption Process

5. Additional Course Registration information will be discussed in your program meetings that will take place the first day of Heinz Orientation Week. You will have the opportunity to ask additional registration questions at that time.

6. You are only pre-registered your 1st semester. You will have the opportunity to choose your own class schedule for each remaining semester of your study at the Heinz College!



Buying Books

Buying Books

In the past, students have expressed an interest in purchasing textbooks prior to their arrival at Carnegie Mellon. We do not recommend that you do this for a number of reasons. First, faculty can change the edition of the textbook they use at the last minute requiring you to purchase a new book once you arrive. In addition, we sometimes have different faculty members teaching different sections of the same course. They do not always use the same textbook. Finally, your 1st semester registration is not finalized prior to you arriving on campus for Heinz Orientation.   (even if you see a schedule listed online, this schedule is subject to change)

We've factored the purchase of books into the “Estimated Cost of Attendance” for each degree program offered by the Heinz College. As you will see from the breakdown of expenses, the cost for books is in addition to tuition fees and other expenses. We advise that you use these numbers when planning your expenses.


Campus Bookstore

The bookstore is located in the basement of the University Store, located in the University Center on Carnegie Mellon University's campus. The Bookstore's regular hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday 8:30a.m. – 6:00p.m.
Saturday 10a.m. –4p.m.

Telephone Number: (412) 268-2967

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 Green Practices picture

Carnegie Mellon University Recycles!

Let's work together to ensure that any waste than can be recycled- is recycled! Recycling bins are available throughout Hamburg Hall for plastic, aluminum, glass and paper. Please read labels carefully to ensure you properly dispose of your waste. Composting bins are also available at large Heinz events (including the upcoming orientation) thanks to the Green Team's "Trash Talkers" and the Smart Growth club. Are you a Recycling Newbie? Learn more!


The abbreviations used to identify our various degree programs on this site are as follows:


MS in Public Policy and Management
Master of Arts Management
MS in Health Care Policy and Management
MS in Biotechnology and Management
Master of Entertainment Industry Management
Master of Information Systems Management
MS in Information Technology
Master of Public Management
MS in Information Security Policy and Management

The Heinz College Impact: Learn more about Heinz College from Dean Ramayya Krishnan.