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Tuition below is indicated in AU Dollars.

Academic Year 2012-13 Student Expenses (effective 1 August 2012)

Master of Science in Information Technology – One-year Track
 $70,128 total tuition for three (3) full-time semesters, completion of 144 units.

Master of Science in Information Technology (Information Technology Management) – Two-year Track
 $81,816 total tuition for five (5) full-time semesters, completion of 168 units. The Internship semester does not incur any tuition fee.

  1. Tuition is charged on the same per unit basis for full and part time students.
  2. Tuition fees are fixed at the student’s commencement date and remain the same throughout the course provided there is no break in studies.
  3. Deferral of entry will incur tuition fees at the prevailing rate.
  4. MSIT Unit Fee: $487.00 per unit.

Future Intakes

Academic Year 2013-14 Student Expenses (effective 1 August 2013)
MSIT Tuition -- $501.00 per unit.

Academic Year 2014-15 Student Expenses (effective 1 August 2014)
MSIT Tuition -- $516.00 per unit.

Cost of Living

The information in this section outlines the estimated cost of living for a student at the Adelaide campus of Heinz College. Note that these costs are in Australian dollars.

  Representative Weekly Student Budget (Australian dollars)
Accommodations $120-$250
Food $80-$100
Utilities $29-$65
Transportation $0-$20
Medical Insurance (single) $8
Laundry $5-$10
Miscellanies $35-$50
TOTAL $277-$503

Establishment Costs

  • Bond (usually one (1) month’s rent) 4.333 x weekly rent
  • Telephone/utilities connection $150 - $160
  • Internet (home) – ADSL $90 - $130
  • ADSL Modem $70 - $130
  • Mobile Broadband USB Modem $120 (with 12-month plan)
  • Books and Supplies approximately $650 per semester

Other ongoing costs

The following cost estimates should be added to weekly expenses if necessary:

  • Mobile (cellular) phone $5 - $15
  • Telephone (not mobile) $10 - $15
  • Internet access (home)
  • ADSL 1, 256K/64K, 5000MB $9
  • ADSL 2, 2400K/1000K, 20000MB $15
  • Mobile Broadband (1GB per month) $10

Permission to Work (PTW) for a student visa holder

Application Fee (one-off cost): $60
All student visas granted on or after 26 April 2008 will have the limited work condition 8105 (for Students) or Condition 8104 (for Dependants) which is 20 hours per week while their course is in session, instead of condition 8101 (No work).

The Student VAC will increase by $20, from $430 to $450 from April 26. There is no change to how work limitations apply to students. Students must still commence their studies before applying for work and if they are found to be working in breach of their condition, their visas maybe canceled.

Students intending to work in Australia still need to have a tax file number.

Families & Dependents

The programs offered at Heinz College are intensive and students are expected to dedicate much of their time towards studies (an average of 12 hours per week for each class taken). Therefore students should seriously consider the demands of the academic workload and family responsibilities. It is strongly recommended that prospective students contact the Director of Programs to discuss prior to making any decision.

Cost of living estimates provided on the Financial Aid are for the individual student. The following information is to assist with assessing the likely costs for a student and a spouse or partner and/or dependent children.

Spouse or partner*

It is recommended that you increase your annual cost of living estimate by approximately 66% (two-thirds) to account for additional costs for a spouse or partner. For example:

  •  Individual cost of living estimate $16,500
  • For spouse/partner $10,890
  • Total: $27,390

Dependent Children*

Additional costs for dependent children will vary. As a general guide, for living costs, add on approximately $6,000 for each very young child, $8,000 for each child 5-12 years old, and $10,000 for each older child. Note: these estimations do not include education and/or childcare costs (see below).

*US federal loan borrowers please note that, with the exception of allowable childcare costs, family, spousal, partner & dependent children expenses are not eligible for inclusion in the cost of attendance when determining the amount of loan eligibility.


There are a wide range of childcare facilities (including day-care, after-hours and vacation care) within an easy walk of the campus. Most residential areas in and around the city have childcare facilities. Note however that childcare services are quite expensive; costs are approximately $250 per week per child.

Education Costs - School Age Children
If you have children between the ages of 5 and 18, you will be required to show that you have made suitable arrangements for their education in South Australia.

Parents will need to complete a Dependent application form for each accompanying child and forward it to International Education Services (IES), South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services (DECS). In addition you must submit to IES a copy of your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) or your Visa for entry to Australia.

With the exception of children of AusAID-sponsored students, tuition fees for children of international students will need to be paid to DECS. Fees can range from $4,000 to $5,000 per year. Fees are charged for tuition and administration. These figures are a guide only – detailed information can be obtained from IES.

If an international fee is payable, this will need to be paid before you can commence school.

Additional information for AusAID-sponsored students

AusAID-sponsored students with children are exempt from paying tuition fees at government schools. However they must pay any administrative fees charged by the school (as a guide, annual fees can range from $200 for primary schools to $800 for secondary schools). Costs should be confirmed with IES. Note that wearing of school uniforms is generally compulsory and these must be purchased by parents. Prices vary between schools; however, a total cost of $300 - $500 should be considered as a guide.

Overseas Student Health Cover – Medical Insurance for Family Members
Dependents of international students will also require medical insurance. A family policy can be purchased (covering one or more dependents). This will add an additional $6 - $7 to a student’s weekly cost of living.

(Note: Norwegian students covered under the Norwegian National Insurance and Swedish students entitled to grants and loans from the Swedish National Board of Student Aid are exempt from this requirement and do not need to obtain OSHC.)

Employer Reimbursement

If you are expecting to receive employer reimbursement, you're still required to pay your full tuition by the due date published by the HUB. Students who receive Carnegie Mellon employee tuition remission are not eligible for scholarships from the school.