Information for International Students

Tuition Waivers

Heinz College does not offer tuition waivers to master's students.

Heinz College Scholarships and Fellowships for International Students

International students do not need to submit a financial aid application in order to be considered for scholarships and fellowships from their program. These awards are made at the time of admission.

International students are eligible for consideration for any scholarship/fellowship, specific to their program of study, unless the scholarship/fellowship's description specifically states otherwise. Students are awarded scholarships/fellowships as part of the admissions process and are notified of the award amount, if any, in the letter of admission. Students are not reconsidered for additional financial aid after the original scholarship/fellowship has been awarded.

Common External Scholarships for International Students to Consider

  • Fulbright Scholars are awarded up to half-tuition scholarship by Heinz College 
  • Anne Wexler Master's Scholarships in Public Policy are for postgraduate students with strong academic credentials and leadership potential to undertake a Master’s degree in Australia, or the United States, in the field of public policy. Two scholarships will be awarded annually (one for an Australian citizen to complete a U.S. Master's degree in Public Policy and one for a U.S. citizen to complete an Australian Master's degree in Public Policy). The Anne Wexler Scholarships are part of the Australian Government’s Australia Awards Program and are funded through the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education and administered by the Australian-American Fulbright Commission.

Searching and Applying for Other External Scholarships

You may want to consider researching additional ways of financing your education.  Here are some useful resources to get started:

Work Opportunities 

International students are eligible to apply for on-campus jobs once they arrive on campus for their first semester of study. A variety of opportunities are available on campus. It is not necessary to apply for employment prior to arriving on campus.  The following are brief descriptions of a few of the types of positions an international student may apply for on campus:        

Teaching Assistants (TA)

  • International students may apply for TA positions for their final two semesters.
  • TAs aid instructors by grading homework and exams, conducting review sessions and tutoring.
  • TAs are paid hourly, $15 per hour and work approximately 10 hours per week. TAs are not awarded any tuition waivers.
  • Both university policy and PA law require that all students who are nonnative English speakers must pass a screening test before they can work as TA's. For more information, please visit:

Research Assistants (RA)

  • International students may apply for RA positions once they have enrolled as full-time students in their program of study at Heinz
  • RAs assist faculty in their reseach
  • RAs are paid hourly, $15 per hour and work approximately 10 hours per week. RAs are not awarded any tuition waivers

Other Opportunities

International students are not eligible for work-study awards. However, short-term projects occasionally arise that provide international students with the opportunity to earn money during a semester.

Private Loans for International Students

Private education loans (also called alternative or non-federal education loans) may be available to students who do not qualify for federal loans, such as international students. International students are required to have a credit worthy cosigner who is a US citizen or permanent resident of the US.

The interest rates on private education loans may be variable or fixed and the credit requirements, loan terms, loan fees, applicable grace period, application requirements, in-school payment requirements, etc. vary from lender to lender. Eligible borrowers are always encouraged to review and understand the loan terms and compare those terms among a few different lenders when selecting the best option for their individual borrowing needs.

The maximum eligibility for private education loans is the average cost of attendance less financial aid from all sources. Individual lenders may have additional limits on the amount of alternative education loans that a student may borrow.

Students may choose any private education loan lender they wish. Students who need help in selecting a lender may refer to our Private Lender List.  Our list includes only those lenders who disbursed loans to Carnegie Mellon University on behalf of a Heinz College student in any of the past 5 years.

Carnegie Mellon Tuition Payment Plan

The Carnegie Mellon Tuition Payment Plan allows students to pay amounts due to the university in manageable monthly installments and provides the convenience of enrolling and making payments online through Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Annual and semester plans are available for a low enrollment fee.

Students can enroll online at For more information, visit The HUB website. For specific TMS plan inquiries and assistance, contact TMS at 888-722-4867.