Organization-Based Scholarship Programs

The Heinz College has partnered with the following organizations to provide financial support to their members in order to help reduce the cost of attending graduate school. Admitted students who are affiliated with one or more of the following organizations will be awarded a scholarship from the Heinz College. To be considered, applicants should indicate their experience/involvement on the Application for Admission. The Heinz College awards a scholarship of at least $6,000 per semester to eligible students enrolling on a full-time basis. Students enrolling on a part-time basis will be reviewed on an individual basis. Please note that students who are eligible for more than one of our scholarships with a guaranteed minimum will not have the minimum amount awarded in the second scholarship.

Regional and National Education Partners Scholarship 

Heinz College's will award the Regional/National Education Partners Alumni Scholarship to eligible students, enrolling on a full-time basis, from the following undergraduate institutions:


The following organizations have distinct agreements with Heinz College. Please contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid ( with any questions:

  • West Point - US Military Academy

 To speak with a faculty or staff member about the possibility of establishing a partnership, please contact David Eber.