Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development (PPND) Fellowship

Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College, in partnership with the Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development (PPND), is pleased to announce the creation of the Heinz College- Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development (PPND) Fellowship.

Heinz College will award the scholarship every other year to an incoming student who is entering the Master of Science in Public Policy and Management degree program. It is awarded to an outstanding student who has, within the standard application for admission, demonstrated an interest and commitment to community development in underserved communities. The establishment of this fellowship was intended to support the mission and vision of the PPND. The PPND is a financial intermediary for the community development corporations in the city of Pittsburgh. Eligible students will receive full tuition scholarship for the two-year MSPPM program. In addition, the recipient works as a paid intern (part-time work) with the PPND during the school year. The PPND also provides a full-time internship during the summer in order for the student to satisfy the MSPPM degree’s summer internship requirement. See PPND’s Web site for more information.

The scholarship has been established as part of Heinz College’s commitment to promoting innovative decision-making and diverse perspectives in leadership across the public, non-profit and private sectors, similar to the mission of the Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development.

The overriding goal of the work of the PPND is to use its resources to transform inner urban neighborhoods into vibrant, cutting-edge mixed-income communities with economic opportunity for all residents. The PPND works to meet the needs of their funded groups/neighborhoods by employing staff with varied backgrounds and experiences. In addition, PPND wants to encourage systemic change in community development by growing new hometown leaders.


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The program is designed for students who have demonstrated interest and commitment to community development in and around the city of Pittsburgh and have been admitted to the MSPPM program.

The MSPPM program does not have formal prerequisites for admission. However, because the curriculum is highly quantitative, prospective students should take at least one college-level course in statistics, economics and in pre-calculus. A prospective student who has not taken this coursework may be required as a condition to his or her acceptance into the MSPPM program to attend a summer program at the Heinz College (approximately four weeks in duration) prior to the start of the MSPPM program. There is currently no tuition charge to attend this summer program.

Admissions Requirements
Prospective students will apply to the MSPPM program via the Heinz College online application system. To apply, prospective students must take the GRE (or GMAT), complete an application form, and submit transcripts from all universities attended, three letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose and a resume. Students can apply on-line for free. Students are granted admission on the basis of academic achievement, performance on the GRE, experience in the proposed field of study, leadership experience, fit of their goals with the program, and recommendations that indicate they are capable of excelling in a rigorous master’s program. No single factor guarantees or prevents admission; all factors are weighed in the process.

To learn more about the Heinz College or the PPND partnership, please contact David Eber, Director of Admissions at deber@cmu.edu or 412-268-3347, or complete a brief prospective student profile.