Young People For (YP4)

Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College and Young People For have partnered to create a unique scholarship opportunity for YP4 Fellows.

Heinz College will award a scholarship to former YP4 Fellows who are entering the Master of Science in Public Policy and Management degree program. The award will be made at the time of admission (no separate application is necessary). To be considered for the scholarship, Heinz College applicants should indicate their involvement with Young People For on the application for admission. Eligible students will receive at least $6,000 per semester, and most students will receive more.

The scholarship has been established as part of Heinz College’s commitment to promoting innovative decision-making and diverse perspectives in leadership across the public, non-profit and private sectors, similar to the mission of Young People For.

The Young People For initiative was launched in 2004 to build a long-term national network for young progressives. YP4 serves young leaders by offering them with resources and guidance to create a positive change in their communities. YP4 provides its fellows with a wide variety of ongoing opportunities for young leaders to connect with other progressive leaders and organizations, plan and execute projects of their choosing, and learn valuable leadership, communication, organizing, collaboration and advocacy skills.


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The partnership program is designed for participants who have completed the YP4 Fellowship and who also have successfully completed their bachelor’s degree.

The MSPPM program does not have formal prerequisites for admission. However, because the curriculum is highly quantitative, prospective students should take at least one college-level course in statistics, economics and in pre-calculus. Heinz College encourages prospective students to take these courses during their undergraduate studies. A prospective student who has not taken this coursework may be required as a condition to his or her acceptance into the MSPPM program to attend a summer program at the Heinz College (approximately four weeks in duration) prior to the start of the MSPPM program. There is currently no tuition charge to attend this summer program.

Admissions Requirements
Prospective students are advised to apply for admission to the MSPPM program in the fall semester following the successful completion of the YP4 Fellowship. YP4 alumni who have also successfully completed their bachelor’s degree are also eligible for the same scholarship award described below. To apply to the MSPPM program, prospective students must take the GRE (or GMAT), complete the Heinz College required application form, and submit transcripts from all universities attended, three letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose and a resume to the Heinz College. Prospective students may apply on-line for free. Students are granted admission to the MSPPM by Heinz College on the basis of academic achievement, performance on the GRE, experience in the proposed field of study, leadership experience, fit of their goals with the program, and recommendations that indicate they are capable of excelling in a rigorous master’s program. No single factor guarantees or prevents admission; all factors are weighed in the process.

To learn more about the Heinz College or the YP4 partnership, please contact David Eber, Director of Admissions at or 412-268-3347, or complete a brief prospective student profile.