Student Timecard Information

Please log on to Workday to access your electronic timecards using your Andrew ID and password to enter the hours that you work. Hours worked should be entered daily. You can submit your hours for approval on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Attached is the Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule for the 2015 Fall Semester (click here as above). A reminder is sent to all Masters and PhD students on the week that the timesheets are due.

Also remember that you must click on the SUBMIT button for your hours to be approved and any hours submitted after the due date are not guaranteed to be approved for payment in the current pay period.  Additional information or questions regarding payroll or timecard(s) should be directed to the Office of Fiscal Management.

Note: Bi-weekly timecards must be submitted on time. A pay schedule with the bi-weekly due dates for timecards can be found here.