IdeaLab Student Incubator

The IdeaLab encourages student social entrepreneurs to turn their great ideas into reality through business development activities. Our mission is to create a cluster of social entrepreneurs at Carnegie Mellon by providing a forum for graduate students to bring their concept-level ideas for a social venture to the next level.

The IdeaLab student-facilitators will guide entrepreneurs through the business development pipeline with practical tools and exercises that will help entrepreneurs.

Graduate students from all Carnegie Mellon schools can apply to The IdeaLab to develop a business idea – or apply to become a member of an entrepreneurial team. The program runs for a full semester.

Workshops are conducted weekly on different aspects of building a business, including how to conduct market research, how to develop a leadership team, or how to construct a supply chain model. Individual meetings continue throughout the month with short, weekly checkpoints that enable teams to share their successes, challenges and concerns.