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Most programs at the Heinz College require an internship, if not strongly suggest one for positioning yourself for a great full time position after you graduate. Finding your first full time job after graduating may seem like a stressful experience, but we are here to help. Here are some resources and information regarding both the full time job search and the summer internship search:

Internship Requirements

A brief overview of what your internship must look like. Click for more information.

Summer Internship Funding

Some internship opportunities are too good to pass up, and unfortunately that means even if they don't pay. There are ways the Heinz College helps you with the expense of an unpaid internship. Click for more information.

Search Assistance Funds

Finding the right job or apprenticeship opportunity sometimes comes after attending conferences, traveling for interviews or other expenses. In certain situations, the Heinz College will help you with those costs. Click for information on how you may be able to be reimbursed for expenses related to your job search.

Job Sites and Resources

This comprehensive list will help you identify databases and publications for finding jobs, creating a job search strategy and tips for applying.


Here are two timelines to help you frame your plan of action for the upcoming year: Internship Search Timeline and the Fulltime Search Timeline.

Internship and Job Search Guides by Sector

Specific advice and resources by job sector:

Career Guides in PDF

Much of the information about each sector in the above links has been derived from our career guides, which are available in a downloadable PDF on the Career Services home page.