Heinz College Capstone Project

A unique aspect of the Heinz College experience is the application of classroom study to a real-world scenario. Each year, Heinz College students collaborate with private, nonprofit, and government clients of varying sizes – from startup companies to Fortune 100 corporations – to complete semester-long capstone projects that result in impactful solutions to business and societal challenges. These rigorous team-based project courses prepare students to make the transition from an academic environment to the working world.

For-profit and nonprofit organizations from all over the world partner with us on research efforts, because it provides them with free access to some of the brightest analytical minds available.

Some examples:

  • Students created biometric Digital Scorecards for health literacy for Johnson & Johnson.
  • Students developed a tool that for the Liberian government to help it determine the best investment projects.
  • Students analyzed Automatic Passenger Counters on Port Authority of Allegheny County (PAAC) buses and proposed measures that could increase PAAC revenue by as much as $15 million on an annual basis.
  • Students researched and recommended updates to Pennsylvania’s Oil and Gas Conservation Act to regulate natural gas drilling.

If you have a project proposal that you think would be a positive collaboration opportunity between your organization and Heinz students, please fill out the following application form. Your proposal will be carefully reviewed by an Evaluation Committee.

If you have any questions regarding Capstone or Systems Synthesis Projects with Heinz College, feel free to contact:

Jon Nehlsen
Associate Dean
Partnerships and Communication Strategy
Heinz College
(412) 268-1361
Alexa C. Hansen
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Heinz College
(412) 268-4183


Capstone Application

To be considered, each client organization must submit a brief prospectus. A typical prospectus is only 2-4 pages long. Below we suggest the following parts be included in a client prospectus:

Fill out my online form.