CISO Certificate Program

CISO 2015 Cohort

CMU's CISO certificate program delivers executive training to today's cyber leaders.

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Certificate Program is designed to address the specific demands on today’s cyber leaders. This six-month program seeks to enhance careers for professionals with significant information security responsibility for their organizations.

As a part of the Heinz College CIO Institute, the CISO Program draws on the unique strengths of Carnegie Mellon University and its federally funded CERT Program at the Software Engineering Institute. Both CMU and CERT are recognized across the globe as leaders in information assurance and security.

Carnegie Mellon’s CISO Certificate Program offers several unique advantages:

  • Distance-Based Education: The program consists of 13 modules- 11 are virtual, 2 are incorporated into the mandatory Orientation session at our Pittsburgh Campus. Students return to Pittsburgh at the end of the program to present their group projects at the Practicum.
  • Convenient Schedule: All virtual courses are held from 4:00-9:00PM EST
  • World-Renowned Faculty: Our program is taught by Heinz College and CERT faculty, as well as leading industry practitioners.
  • Path to a Masters Degree: Students who complete the CISO Certificate are eligible for a tuition discount scholarship equal to the total amount paid to complete the CISO Program