Ph.D. in Information Systems and Management Curriculum

The objective of Heinz College's doctoral program is to train students to conduct innovative, interdisciplinary research of significant issues in public policy, management, and information systems. As a Ph.D. candidate, you'll understand the intricacies and the interconnectedness of these research areas.

In public policy, some key areas of research are crime policy, drug policy, health economics, labor economics, and technology policy. In management, research topics include organizational behavior, negotiation, and social networks. In information technology, the topics include information security and privacy, online markets and economics, data mining, data confidentiality, healthcare and IT, and IT and organizations.

Course Requirements

The pre-dissertation stage of the Ph.D. in Information Systems and Management is structured around two sets of requirements: coursework and preliminary papers.

Coursework is designed to build methodological skills, modeling competence and substantive depth. Preliminary papers illustrate your ability to produce effective research that exhibits your readiness to begin the dissertation.

In addition to the core course requirements for the Heinz College Ph.D. program, the following coursework must be completed for the Information Systems and Management Ph.D. title:

  • 24 Units of IS seminars taught at Heinz (student can petition Ph.D. committee to substitute up to 1 seminar with seminar course taught in other CMU or Pitt department)
  • 24 Units of technology classes (Student can petition Ph.D. committee to receive credit for prior coursework or to substitute other courses)
  • 24 Units of Ph.D. Level courses related to the student’s research concentration. Example Economics, HCI, and Machine Learning courses are listed below. Other concentration courses can be substituted through petition to Ph.D. committee.

Admission to candidacy tells us that you've fulfilled all requirements of the Ph.D. program preliminary to the dissertation. In addition to satisfying all coursework requirements, you must also meet the following research requirements:

  • First and Second year research papers meeting current Ph.D. requirements
  • Dissertation focused on Information Systems topic as per judgment of Ph.D. committee

These competencies are normally met through an assessment of the First and Second Research Paper presentations, complemented by coursework. While fulfilling these requirements, you'll work closely with the faculty to develop individualized programs of study and research that meet your goals.

All pre-candidacy doctoral students are required to complete the annual PhD Education Plan (.doc).

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