Ph.D. in Information Systems and Management

Information Systems (IS) encompasses the design, use, and evaluation of information and communication systems supported decision-making in business and policy settings. The doctoral program in information systems and management at Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College prepares students with a firm understanding of the technical and organizational aspects of information systems and trains that with analytical tools to evaluate the challenges and opportunities of implementing information technology in a firm and policy setting.

The information systems program at Heinz College distinguishes itself from others in its interdisciplinary nature along with a strong emphasis on solving business and policy problems. Our faculty is world renowned and work extensively with firms and policy makers on variety of important issues. We have large research centers that  makes it easy for our students to access data and other resources to work on important issues.

Research Areas

While our program is broad, some major areas of research are:

Economics and Information Systems: How information technologies and systems affect firm performances, market competition, and policy outcomes. Some major projects are examining the role of social media/networks, media piracy, digital distribution, broadband and mobile, and so on. Faculty and students use variety of methods like field experiments, analytical and structural models to study these questions.

Some key faculty members working in this space are Vibhanshu Abhishek, Pedro Ferreira, Beibei Li, Ramayya Krishnan, Michael D Smith, and Rahul Telang. Our faculty is world renowed and extensively works with both private firms and policy makers.  

We have multiple research centers like IDEA, LARC and iLab which collect large data to examine some of these issues.

Machine Learning and Large-Scale Data Analytics: Development and application of novel statistical and computational methods for data mining (including text and web mining), information retrieval, and pattern discovery in massive real-world datasets. These methods are applied to a variety of policy and management domains, including business analytics, health care/surveillance, social networks, crime prediction and many others. Some key faculty members working in this space are Leman Akoglu, Jamie Callan, David Choi, Ramayya Krishnan, Daniel Neill, and Rema Padman.

Information Security and Privacy: Understanding users’ security and privacy decisions using economics, behavioral economics, data analytics framework. The faculty members are examining the models and data to understand the need for effectiveness of regulations and inform public policy. Alessandro Acquisti, Leman Akoglu and Rahul Telang are key faculty members. This group also works closely with faculty from Cylab, an interdisciplinary research center.

Health Care and IT: The research is motivated by an important role of information technology in detecting outbreaks, providing superior quality of care at lower costs and in the prevention of adverse events. Some of the research examines the healthcare IT evaluations and adoption, IT-enabled healthcare decision making and event detection. Rema Padman, Rahul Telang, Marty Gaynor and Amelia Haviland are key faculty members.

Besides these areas we have many other faculty like Laura Dabbish and David Krackhardt who examine collaborating and organizing work through technology. This work is also supported by centers like Center for Future of Work.

Program Contact Information

Rahul Telang, Director

For information about applying to Heinz College, please contact Heinz College Admissions.