Admission Requirements


With a Carnegie Mellon MISM degree, you'll see an immediate return on your investment. Better positions, better quality firms, better salaries, and better potential for advancement are the most often cited benefits from previous graduates. Top consulting, financial services, and technology firms most frequently hire our MISM graduates. The goal of the program is to position you for a career as a leader in IT management. We have a robust network of corporate recruiters to provide ample opportunity for achieving your career goals.

Students who have success in this program have demonstrated an ability to synthesize complex quantitative and qualitative concepts. Students tend to have a non-liberal arts undergraduate background that can vary from engineering, to IS, to physics. For more information on our student body, view the class profile.

Please refer to the table below for a list of courses that all students are REQUIRED to complete prior to their first day of classes in the MISM program and classes that we SUGGEST students complete prior to the start of the MISM program.    


MISM- 12- and 16-month

and Global Tracks

  • Statistics
  • Database
  • Linear Algebra

All students admitted to MISM are required to have completed a college-level object-oriented programming course prior to their first semester in MISM. Click here for more information.

Before you begin your online application, please carefully review the information below.

Application Deadline: January 10

Yes, we will continue to accept applications after the deadline. The application system will remain open as long as space remains in the incoming class.

Supporting materials can arrive after the deadline; applications are reviewed once all required materials have been received.

Certain scholarship awards may be limited for applications received after the deadline.

Please contact the office of admissions if you are interested in submitting an application after the published deadline.

Which version of MISM is best for you?

One-Year Track

The fast-paced 12-month track (May to May) is for students with over three years professional work experience prior to the start of the program. 100% of our admitted students to the one-year track have relevant work experience and all have a passion for the application of technology in business. The one-year, May to May track is designed to position you for a fast-track career as a business technologist. MISM Application requirements.

16-Month Track

The 16-month track is for applicants who will have less than three years of professional work experience at the start of the program. Students with less than three years of work experience at the start of the program perform a summer internship and complete the program in 16 months (mid- August through the following December).Over 60% of our admitted students in the 16-month track have relevant work experience. MISM Application requirements.

Global MISM 21-Month Track

The MISM program offers a 4-semester program for students who want a global perspective infused in their MISM experience. The 21-month track offers students the chance to spend their first two semesters of study at Heinz’s Adelaide campus, complete a summer internship (in Australia or the student’s home country), and study for their final two semesters at our Pittsburgh campus. Over 70% of our admitted students in the 21-month track have relevant work experience. MISM Application requirements.

MISM Degree with Concentration in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA)

The MISM program offers a 3-semester (16-month) option for students who want to focus their studies on predictive modeling, GIS mapping, analytical reporting, segmentation analysis, and data visualization.  Over 70% of our admitted students in the BIDA concentration have relevant work experience. MISM Application requirements.


Exchange Program Applicants:

Information for students who wish to apply to enroll as an exchange student abroad:
Exchange Program Application Instructions