MISM Internship Requirement

One-Year Track

If you have three years of professional work experience, you may begin in the summer semester of the academic year (May). By doing so, the internship requirement is waived, and you will complete the degree in three consecutive semesters, graduating the following May. Students qualified for the May MISM 12-month who apply for the August MISM 16-month may be admitted only to the May MISM 12-month track. All August MISM 16-month students must complete an internship, regardless of level of work experience.

16-Month Track

Students beginning in the fall semester (August start), are required to complete a summer internship. You will take classes in the fall and spring semester, perform your summer internship, and then return in the fall semester to complete the program. Classes will end by mid-December.

21-Month Track

Students beginning in the fall semester (August start), are required to complete a summer internship. You will take classes in Adelaide during the fall and spring semester, perform your summer internship in Adelaide, and then return to Pittsburgh to complete the program during the following fall and spring semesters. Classes will end by mid-May.

Please note: During the application review process, the admissions committee determines whether you have sufficient work experience to be eligible for a May start, exempting you from the internship. Work experience considered relevant will be limited to post baccalaureate work in a management or IT-related field. Internships, academic experiences, research and part-time positions will not be considered. You will be notified of your May-start eligibility in the admission decision letter.

The MISM program has two dedicated staff that focuses on supporting your internship and permanent job placement goals. They will not find a job for you but they will work with you every step of the way. Moreover, we have a steady stream of employers that actively seek out MISM students for internships and full-time hires. The reputation of the MISM graduate is someone that can deliver meaningful value in the intelligent application of IT.

Internship Options

Students required to do a summer internship may intern with a company that:

  1. Corresponds to a field of interest or concentration area pre-existing in the MISM program; and
  2. Represents a variety of industry sectors including consulting, software companies, finance and other types.

Positions vary from IT managers, to security consultants, to business analysts, to applications engineers, and others. The internship duties must have significant educational value directly relating to the MISM program.

Please note: Although you will not earn academic credit, the internship is reflected on the transcript as a course with a P/F grade. The Internship form also needs approval by the Director of Career services before the internship begins in order for it to appear on your transcript. International students must obtain the appropriate employment authorization from the Office of International Education prior to beginning an internship.