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We’re often asked about the recent grads and how the current first, second year students are doing. Here are some articles that you might find interesting.



Hiroki Den (MEIM 13) is a Sr. Analyst of Digital Products Analytics at Viacom in NYC. MEIMLAND caught up with him recently to see what he’s been up to at his job. His job focuses on analyzing business performance of Viacom’s major digital partners including iTunes, Amazon and Google. He also worked as part of the Nickelodeon Consumer Marketing Department as Project Manager helping to create TV Spots for some of the Viacom better known properties. His team developed the creative strategy for national TV ads across all of the Viacom channels (Nickelodeon, NickToons, TeenNick, Nick Jr.). Hiroki would draft the briefs noting who is the audience, what kinds of hooks are needed for the spot, where it should run, what characters should appear, what product features need to be made apparent, etc. Hiroki worked closely with the internal creative teams to jointly create the spot.

Hiroki, what was the toughest aspect while working on the project?
My team and I had to work quickly to meet fast deadlines by incorporating the main feedback/inputs of the Biz and Product teams all the while working with the creative teams to ensure the project can be completed on time for product launch. We would be juggling one project with several others so multiple spots may be in development depending on how busy the product launch schedules are.

What was the most fun aspect of working on this project?
Being able to frame and shape how the commercial executes and appears on TV. We had fun finding goofy scenes from episodes for use and it is neat to work with many teams to create an awesome final product. The process may require substantial amounts of work to incorporate everybody’s feedback but the final products look polished and have a fun factor which make them appealing. A bonus is working with entertaining and popular IPs, which are highly visible with kids worldwide.

Any stats on the successfulness of the two apps?
Both Apps ranked Top 10 on the top Kids section within the Apple App Store at launch and remain highly visible digital products in our products portfolios. Here are the links to two of Hiroki’s recent TV spots: and

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Jonny Paterson MEIM 2015


Second year MEIM Julia Wu has been interning at Career Artist Management (CAM) since the fall semester. The music management company, located in Beverly Hills, has an impressive roster of about 20 artists including Maroon 5, Adam Levine, Hinder, Robin Thicke, Macy Gray, and Better Than Ezra, among others. READ MORE >>

Julia Wu designed Maroon5 poster

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