Public Management

MPM alumna, Stacey Vaccaro, talks about her time at Heinz College and her current career as COO of the Children's Institute

Designed for emerging managers, administrators and leaders, our program provides students with a comprehensive academic experience focused on analytics and leadership.

The Master of Public Management (MPM) curriculum offers students a research-driven, industry-centered approach to professional management with an emphasis on how to apply management skills across public, private, nonprofit, and government sectors. Students develop professional skills through a variety of advanced electives, special project courses, and experiential learning opportunities, giving them a truly marketable, valuable, and competitive advantage in the field.

Unique Features & Benefits:

  • Customizable Learning Experience: Flexible scheduling with many evening class options allows students to complete the degree at their pace.
  • Leadership development: The creative and market-responsive curriculum leverages the work experience students bring to the classroom and broadens their understanding of social, political, technological, and economic processes. Students gain the necessary skills to become effective and innovative leaders and inspire others in the process.
  • Quantitative management and technology: MPM's skills-based curriculum integrates public policy, information technology, quantitative analysis, and management skills that prepare students to solve complex real-world problems.
  • Focused learning: Elective coursework is available in a variety of focus areas like health care, analytics, and management.
  • Exceptional alumni and employer networks: MPM students come from diverse professional backgrounds, creating a unique learning environment, as well as a powerful post-graduate network.