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Become a Problem Solver

Building Issues:

Covers general repairs, keys to project rooms, lockers (full-time students only), lights, phones, facilities that are non-computer related, security issues

            Contact: Glenn Molzer at, 412.268.4739

Computer Issues:

Covers hardware, software, network, printing, etc. issues in Hamburg Hall.


Copy Machine Issues:

Covers machines out of toner or staples, etc.


Heinz News:

Suggest newsworthy items to appear on the Heinz College webpage.

            Go to:

Heinz Web Site:

Covers broken hyperlinks, outdated pages and other functional issues that pertain to the web site. This section does not cover how web pages look and is not a medium for web site suggestions, but is specifically geared toward fixing functional issues.


Room Request:

Request a room within Hamburg Hall.

            Go to:

Suggestions for Activities/Events:

Provide your ideas to the Student Activities Committee.


Non-Academic Issues/Suggestions:

Anything about activities, student life, clubs, speakers, conference funding, etc..