Heinz College Student Organizations

Unique among graduate schools, one of our hallmarks is the extent to which Heinz College students participate in organizations that shape many aspects of the school's environment.

The following is a list of student organizations or publications you can join:

CMU Organizations

Student Organization Directory

With over 350+ Student Government recognized student organizations on the Carnegie Mellon campus, there are many opportunities to get involved in creating your graduate school experience. The organizations represent various social, service, media, academic, spiritual, recreational, sport, religious, political, cultural, and governance opportunities for all students.

Graduate Student Assembly (GSA)

The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) oversees general graduate student activities at Carnegie Mellon and seeks to improve the quality of life and education for the university's graduate students. The GSA organizes social and outreach activities. It also acts as a liaison with the Carnegie Mellon administration and national graduate student organizations to advocate for the needs and interests of graduate students. GSA produces the Graduate Times, a newsletter geared specifically to graduate students.