Student Representatives


Heinz College Student Reps


The Role of Student Representatives

The student representatives will be responsible for communicating with the administration about academic and non-academic issues brought to them by their peers. They will also be responsible for organizing a mechanism to gather student feedback (online survey, holding a forum, etc.). At the end of each semester, the four student representatives will work together to synthesize all of the information that they have gathered and to present their recommendations of what can be improved to a committee of administrators. The student representatives will also serve as GSA representatives for Heinz. In this dual role, the reps will serve as liaisons between the GSA and Heinz College, primarily by sending GSA emails out to students and collecting feedback about CMU, life in Pittsburgh, and the general graduate student experience for the GSA.



· Gather and document feedback from their respective schools on academic and non-academic issues

· Maintain regular communication with peers and administrators

· Synthesize all collected feedback and present recommendations of what can be improved to a committee made up administrators at the end of each semester